Bringing business to space


Silicon Valley Space Center provides business acceleration, strategic direction and angel level funding for startup companies within the growing NewSpace industry in Silicon Valley. We assist start-up and early-stage companies with the commercialization of their innovative products or services. We regularly host events and workshops to bring together the vast array of entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, and investors who share a passion for shaping the future of space exploration.

TechTalks and Workshops

TechTalks are focused on technology that entrepreneurs might use in their space projects.  These began with the Small Payload Entrepreneur TechTalks series. The series was run as a partnership between the Silicon Valley Space Center (SVSC) and the San Francisco Section of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA SF).

SVSC has also run workshops with organizations like CASIS (now the ISS National Lab). These workshops assisted space entrepreneurs to navigate the complexities and understand opportunities for putting small research and commercial payloads into orbit.


By joining the Silicon Valley Space Center (SVSC), you become an integral part of this unique and proactive co-working group that is at the forefront of growing of the NewSpace industry in the Silicon Valley.

SVSC members are innovative forward leaning, advanced thinking, engineers, scientists hackers, technologists, business developers, spacers, and others driven to encourage the growth of NewSpace startups. You do not need a membership to attend an SVSC meetup, or to pitch a business or technology to us. However, if you find yourself attending meetings frequently and partaking in the communal snacks, please become a member. Membership dues go to keeping our brains fueled and events happening.

Members now receive copies of The Lurio Report, updates from the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, and other sources as SVSC is able to provide them.

SVSC offers three levels of regular membership: Individual, Student, and Corporate. In addition, there are Silver and Gold levels of sponsorship.

(Information on how to join is coming soon.)